Just going to the library is an adventure, then add to that the educational, entertaining programming from Capstone Characters, and you’ll have an event they’ll be talking about for years. If you have a specific topic or learning outcome you would like to explore, please contact Capstone Characters.

Capstone Characters Programs


COMING 2021: TAILS & TALES – Summer Library Reading Show!

Show length: 30 – 40 minutes

Spend some time with Jill and her friends Clyde the Moose and Boris the Bat, as they have some fun with their favorite stories. Jill shares one of her most favorite stories as well, using shadow puppets!

Contact Capstone Characters for information and bookings.

Reading is Gravely Important ™


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Show length: 30 minutes

Audience participation

Reading is Gravely Important is a Halloween reading performance. Halloween is a great time to grab that scary/fun book! Children and adults are invited to come in costume as they are taken on a scavenger hunt through the library of a haunted house to find the secret treasure.

Mystical Ireland ™ 


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Show length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Audience participation

Indoor performance only, fog machine, set up time required Scary elements – may not be suitable for children under 10 years – parental discretion advised. Allow your audience to be transported back to Ireland before St. Patrick. With the help of her saurian companion Aodhan, Jill, your Shanachie, will give you a glimpse of what supernatural beings the ancient people, the Celts, believed in and how Ireland came to be. The fairy folk – good and evil – will be showcased in this presentation. Audience may identify what things the United States gleaned from the Irish immigrants who came to America. They may be surprised.

Toss Your Cookies ™ 

Show length: 40 minutes

Interactive Game Show


Picture by Loren Larson

Four lucky contestants test their knowledge of some of the most popular children’s books.  Jax has promised that he wouldn’t help the contestants cheat – (yeah, right)!   if you answer the question correctly, it’s OK to “Toss Your Cookies!”